Who we are:

impegno is a relatively young care provider that offers community oriented, comprehensive and outreach assistance to people with psychiatric and/or social problems.
In other words, our carers are where the client is, are multidisciplinary and actively seek contact and cooperation with you.

What we do:

impegno offers guidance, diagnostics and treatment to families and individuals who have become stuck in their daily life or development and therefore have difficulty functioning in society.

We help people with psychological and psychiatric problems, for example, symptoms of depression, ADHD, borderline issues, autism and all other psychological issues. In addition, our clients often experience difficulties in other areas of life, such as finances, work and housing.

Sometimes, it is not possible to manage alone and we are happy to provide support, the ultimate goal of course being improved independence and self-reliance.

Our coaches and therapists work intensively together in a team and look at all areas in which you are having difficulty and the relationship between them. In this way, we can quickly provide the necessary help. In consultation with you, we address the most urgent issues first, and from there we look further.

Where do we help:

We support people who are experiencing problems in one or more of the following areas of life. In consultation we look at which areas need support.

  • Housing: we help you to find housing.
  • Finances: we work with you to organize your finances and teach you how to keep your paperwork up to date.
  • Social skills: perhaps you are having problems with family, friends or institutions? If you wish to change that, then we can help. Maybe raising children is difficult.
  • Psychological state: ‘Are you sometimes tired, confused, afraid or sombre? Is there a problem with addiction?’ We provide support until you start to feel better and regain more control over your life. Perhaps your psychological state is having an effect on how you raise your children. Or maybe you have a child with psychiatric problems? We can help you with that.
  • Purpose: ‘What is important in your life? What makes you happy?’ These questions will be discussed in the accompaniment.
  • Physical condition: ‘Do you have health problems? Do you not work out or move enough?’ We are also able to help think with you in these circumstances and potentially give you a referral.
  • Practical skills: for instance, we can help you with your housekeeping, language skills, or use of the computer.
  • Daily activity: we look at your work, education or another meaningful way to spend the day.

How we work:

We begin by meeting with you so that we can determine together what problems there are and where you would like help.

Our care provision is based on the 8-phase model and the Self-reliance- Matrix, where we work on goals in several steps and in a structured manner. In each phase, the eight different areas of life will take priority. A support plan will be prepared with you; this sets out the life areas that will be given attention and the goals to be achieved. These goals will be evaluated with you regularly and will be revised if necessary.

Our methods are characterized as follows:

  • We always take a positive stance (desires, empowerment) and see the possibilities;
  • We provide insight into individual motives and into the situation: ‘Which areas are going well? Which areas are not? Where do my strengths and motivation lie?’
  • The Self-reliance- Matrix is an essential component of this approach;
  • You stay in charge: ‘What do I want to work on? What help do I need to accomplish this? What do I want the content of the help to be?’ These are all central questions in the help we provide.
  • If you qualify to receive treatment, a psychologist will first conduct an examination and provide a diagnosis where relevant. We use various questionnaires for the examinations. A treatment plan will be drafted in consultation with you, stating the goals that need to be worked on. These goals will be evaluated with you regularly and revised if necessary.
  • If you qualify for family care, then we will work with you in a structured manner, according to defined steps. After making acquaintance with each other and defining the problems, we will work intensively for six to nine months with you and your family to solve the problems and make sure you can move on, on your own.

What can you expect from us?

  • We start to provide help quickly
  • We listen carefully and look at possibilities
  • We do not give up easily
  • We come to you (a specific location is also possible)
  • We offer different kinds of help within one team
  • We set up a plan with you, which sets out clear goals that are evaluated on a regular basis.
  • We work together with the people in your neighbourhood (family, friends, voluntary carers, residents)

Would you like to apply?

Then contact us via our contact form, or call us on 0900 – 467 3 466 and ask for one of our in-take staff.

To be eligible for care you will need written permission from your municipal offices. Our in-take staff are happy to explain the application procedure in your municipality.

For treatment and family support you will need a referral from your doctor for specialized (youth) mental health care (GGZ).

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